Adorable Wizard of Oz Costumes for Kids


cutest wizard of oz costumes for kidsWith the evenings starting to cool off and fall creeping right around the corner I’ve started thinking about making this year’s Halloween costumes. But first I thought I’d share the adorable Wizard of Oz costumes that I made for my kids last year in case any of you are looking for some inspiration. Upcycling items to make Halloween costumes is just the best! It takes a little effort, but the results are always well worth the time as you end up with really unique and inexpensive costumes.

When I was trying to decide what costumes to make for the kids last year I first went digging through my daughter’s drawers to see what she already had to work with. I came across the blue and white gingham overalls with sunflowers and thought what a perfect Dorothy costume that would make. She also already had the white ruffly turtleneck, white ruffly socks and tights to go with the outfit. I had some blue and white gingham ribbon in my craft stash too, so the hair bows were already taken care of. The only thing we needed to finish off her costume was the ruby slippers. I ended up ordering these ruby slippers off amazon which cost more than I would normally spend on a costume accessory, but she loved them and got lots of use out of them throughout the year (not just on Halloween).

I wasn’t sure right away what I was going to make for my son, but then I came across this really strange, black furry dress at Goodwill and thought, “Oh perfect, I can totally make that into a Toto costume!”

furry dress before toto

Here’s the before picture… furry with sequins and quite the steal at $2.00. I cut all the sequins off, turned the dress inside out, and traced around one of his onesie outfits.  Taking the marked dress to the sewing machine I stitched around the whole outline that I had traced except for between the legs. I left that open and put velcro/safety pins in there so we could get it on and off and have access to change diapers.  The excess fabric that I cut off was just enough to fashion a hood with ears and a tail. I stuffed both the ears and the tail with fiber fill to make them stick out. We also had him wear some black mittens and black boots that we already had – perfect!

dorothy and toto costume

At this point my daughter was a little sad because I had spent more effort on Toto than on Dorothy, so I decided to put together a basket of friends for her to carry.  The basket itself was a leftover flower vessel from a wedding earlier in the summer and was just perfect for carrying the lion, tinman, and scarecrow in.  The characters themselves were stuffed animals that I gathered from my kids’ collection and made simple little costumes for.  The lion didn’t need any work.  For the scarecrow I made a floppy hat out of felt and stuffed a few pieces of straw into his scarf.  The tinman took the most work, but it was fun!  He was a sock monkey for whom I fashioned a solo cup vest covered in sparkly duct tape. Then used regular duct tape to cover his arms and legs.  And finally made a funnel hat out of cardboard and covered that in duct tape too.  And for the final touch I took their monkey pillow pet and turned him into a flying monkey with a solo cup hat and felt wings.  The best/most fun part about that guy was that he had velcro straps on his belly already like pillow pets do, and so we could attach him to all kinds of stuff while we were walking around: the kids’ wagon, Dorothy’s basket, the wicked witch’s arm, Toto’s arm… It was probably more fun than it should have been!

Wizard of Oz costumes are pretty common, but I’ve never seen it done quite the way we did it.  The extra little accessories really put this one over the top on the cute scale! Have you ever worn a Wizard of Oz costume?  Do you coordinate sibling costumes?  I’ve coordinated my kids’ costumes the last couple years, but may be nearing the end of that as they are starting to get their own ideas of what they want to dress up as.  I think I may have one more year of coordination.. stay tuned!

little girl dorothy costume with tin man lion scarecrow

Family wizard of oz costumescutest wizard of oz costumes for kids


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