Upcycled Dinosaur Tail from a Button Down Shirt


Thursday evening as I was checking the weather for the St. Patty’s day parade to take place on Saturday morning I realized that we had RSVP’d to a toddler birthday party for Saturday morning.  We had committed weeks ago to the party, and immediately after I sent the “Yes, we are so excited to come to the party!” response I completely forgot about the party. And, being a terrible shopper, I briefly panicked that we had no gift!  Then I saw the pile of my husband’s discarded button down shirts and I decided to make a dinosaur tail out of one (after all, the party invitation did have dinosaurs on it, so this has got to be a birthday boy pleaser!)  dino tail

I used the tutorial from Running With Scissors, except that for the fabric I cut apart my husband’s stained shirt and used the large piece of fabric cut from the back of the shirt.  It was a striped shirt, so I aligned the pattern so that the stripes would wrap around the tail giving it a ringed look.  And instead of using Velcro for the belt part, I cut off and hemmed the button placket from the front of the shirt.  Buttons and holes already sewn on, easy peasy!  The stuffing I actually already had on hand from disassembling some old, smooshed pillows.  This was the kimik tailnd of project that was so satisfying because I put it together in a couple hours using items that I already had sitting around (which meant absolutely zero shopping required for this gift!)  My kids both lovedcal tail the tail (and had to try it on, of course!), and we can’t wait to give it to our little friend on Saturday!  I know he will just love it!