How To Weave Ribbon Around A Vase

DIY ballerina inspired vaseMy daughter loves to pick flowers.  She also loves everything girly, especially ballerinas.  So when she received some chocolate covered oreos for her birthday (another girly thing that she loves: chocolate!) that came in a clear plastic cylinder we decided to turn it into a ballerina inspired vase by weaving ribbons on it that match her bedroom colors.

The materials are pretty straight forward for this one:

  • Ballerina vase materials list

Start off by cutting the ribbons so that they can wrap around the vase 1.5 times from the bottom to the top (picture below). Tack it at the top and at the bottom with hot glue.  tack ribbon swirl on vase with hot glueDispense a drop of glue and dab it on the end of the ribbon.  Don’t touch the hot tip of the glue gun to the ribbon or you will burn/melt it.  You also don’t want to glue the middle of the ribbon down so you will be able to weave under it as necessary. Continue to tack swirled ribbons around the vase leaving about an inch gap between each one. Once you have ribbons swirling in the same direction the whole way around the vase you are ready to start weaving them in the opposite direction.  Tack a ribbon at the base, swirling in the opposite direction but using the same angle of swirl. Weave the free end over and under the previously swirled ribbons until you reach the top.  Keep adjusting your swirl angle and pulling tight as you go, and when you are satisfied tack it down at the top.  Keep going until your vase is full of a beautiful swirl of woven ribbons.

To finish off the look glue a band of ribbon around the bottom and around the top to cover up the ribbon ends.  We decided that ours needed a bow too. To make the bow, cut a section of ribbon and loop it, leaving an even amount of excess out of each side of the intersection.  Glue to intersection (see photo below).how to make a ribbon bow

Below is a photo of what it looks like when you dab glue to the top of the loop and flip it under to glue down to the intersection.DIY ribbon bow  I made another slightly smaller bow to glue on top of this one, and then looped another small section of ribbon around the middle to come up with a bow like this:ribbon double bow

Glue the bow (if desired) to the top band of ribbon on the vase, making sure to pick your favorite spot in the weaving for the front. Go pick some flowers and enjoy your new vase!  Happy spring everyone!
ballerina inspired vase

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  1. Hey Jenny! Thank you for linking up at Funtastic Friday! This idea is so adorable…Yep, time to have a little girl! Ugh, I’m to old! LOL! This idea is just perfection and way too cute!

    1. Thanks for the comment, and for hosting a great party! I’m currently getting my party link page setup.. will get yours on before I go to bed!

  2. Hi, Jenny!! I love that vase! I can imagine doing the same with a plastic bottle to fake a real vase too.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Sweet Inspiration party!

    Enjoy your week!

  3. This is a super cute way to add some color and life to a plain vase! You can easily change up the colors for different seasons and holidays. Love it!

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