DIY Felt Paper Dolls with a Fold and Carry Doll House

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Fold and Carry Felt Doll HouseI’m always a fan of handmade gifts for kids so when I saw this free fold and carry doll house pattern on Pinterest I knew that I had to make one for my daughter along with some felt paper dolls to live in it. I had fun picking out the fabrics (most of which came from my stash, but a few were from a fat eighth quilters sample pack). It was the first time I’ve ever done applique and I’d have to say that it was quite a successful first project – but very time consuming!  Inside of Fold and Carry Felt Doll HouseIt was fun and easy designing and appliqueing the individual panels, but sewing the panels together and attaching the binding was a bit tricky.  The areas where multiple corners came together got a bit bunchy, but for the most part the binding did a good job of covering the imperfections.  Just make sure that you clip off any excess before wrapping and sewing the binding.

I also decided to add an accordion pocket to the back of the house to store the dolls and doll clothes in. As an added bonus the pocket has a button down flap to keep it shut and my daughter loves practicing buttoning with it.  To make the flap I cut 2 identical pieces of fabric slightly shorter across the top than the width of the pocket it will cover, and slightly wider at the bottom than the pocket width.  I would suggest adding a layer of interfacing to the pocket flap too to give it a bit more stiffness.  With right sides together and the interfacing on top sew around the edge leaving an opening to turn.  Turn right side out and close the turn opening while topstitching around the whole edge of the flap.  Position the flap where you want it over the pocket and stitch in place along the top edge.  Add a button hole to the flap and sew a button on the pocket.Flat Doll House with Accordion Pocket on Back

I used the fusible web and Annie’s Soft and Stable like the pattern recommends, but the template plastic wasn’t necessary – I just used cardboard instead.

Of course once I was done making the house I had to make a couple felt “paper” dolls and outfits to go with it! I searched the internet for a while and settled on these dolls to make, but I came up with a face I liked better to embroider onto the dolls. I used 2 strands of thread for the backstitching and french knots on the eyes and mouth and only 1 strand of thread for the backstitching on the nose. You can see the resulting felt paper doll below.  I think she turned out pretty cute! What do you think?Embroidered Felt Paper Doll FaceDoll clothes are easy enough to make, just use your doll to trace out patterns for clothes. You can use any fabric that you want, just make sure to sew felt onto the back so that the clothes will self stick to your felt dolls.

Felt Paper Dolls

9 thoughts on “DIY Felt Paper Dolls with a Fold and Carry Doll House”

  1. This is such a great idea, and I’m so, so impressed with your sewing skills. And your little doll face is adorable! Mikayla is so lucky to have such a talented mommy. 🙂

    1. Thanks Katie! I’m excited to see the things you will make for Cora too. The sweaters you have made are adorable! I have another sweater for her that your mom had made for Mikayla.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I’m hoping to be able to pass this one down to grandkids someday! I worked really hard on it, but Mikayla does love it!

  2. This is gorgeous, my daughter had something similar my mum had made for her when she was little. She loved it and had hours of fun with it.

  3. This is amazing! And man, this would be way better than anything that could be bought from the store, simply because you could make the “room” inside whatever kind of place! And then being able to store everything all together, even better! 😀

    1. Thanks Jessica! And yes, you could do lots with the inside. I loved the look of the outside, it looked so charming! I just changed up the colors a bit to use up some material I had in my stash. But it might be cute to make the inside match your child’s room.

  4. Jenny, this felt dollhouse and dolls are too cute!!! My daughters would love something like this. How great that it can be packed up and taken wherever the child wishes to carry them. You did a great job on this!!

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