Train Storage from a Cassette Tape Holder

I was born in the 80’s so I know what a cassette tape is, however, the first music that I ever purchased was in the form of a CD. That said, I really didn’t have a good use for this cassette tape holder that we inherited with the house. It had been hanging, empty, in the coat closet until today when I glanced at it and thought what a perfect train storage unit it would be with some slight modifications. And my kids have recently been gifted a lot of hand me down trains so they will definitely put a train storage unit to good use! The most satisfying projects are turning unloved items that you already own into something either you or a loved one will adore, don’t you think?

This is what the cassette tape holder looked like before the modifications.

Upcycled Thomas Train Storage

The width of the columns are perfect to fit the Thomas engines, but to accommodate the height of the engines 2 out of every 3 shelves need to be removed.  The shelves of this unit are made of balsa wood so I just used a pair of tin snips to clip the shelves out.

Here’s a picture of the unit as I was clipping out the shelves.  Look how perfectly those engines sit in the new openings!

Thomas train storage unit

After clipping out the remaining shelves that were in the way all that was left to do was to hang it by the train table.  Of course you could paint it if you want, but we have lots of this color wood in the play room so I didn’t bother with that.

Thomas train storage-

The kids got to work right away filling their new train storage unit with all of their trains (and even some construction trucks and matchbox cars!).

train garage pin

9 thoughts on “Train Storage from a Cassette Tape Holder”

  1. What a great repurpose Jenny, I’m sure your son must be so happy to have a special place for his toys. I had the same exact cassette holder and I was wracking my brain for years trying to figure out what to do with it. And finally I came up with an idea as a table. I bought some glass and added it on top and placed sea shells inside. I am hosting a new link party and would love for you to join up with your creations. It’s called Sweet Inspiration.

    1. Thanks Mary! Yours sounds like a great repurpose too! I will be sure to link up to your party, thanks for the invitation!

  2. Not only it’s a good repurpose, but it looks so nice too! I bet both you and your kid are happy to have those trains in place.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us at #sweetinspiration, hope to see you next week!

  3. What a cute idea! I have one of those old cassette holders, but haven’t figured out exactly what to do with it. I think I might donate it so someone can find enjoyment in it like you found in yours.

    Thank you for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Reinvented Collection

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