Fairy Garden Pool Tutorial: A Repurposed Watering Globe

Repurposed Watering Globe A Fairy Garden Pool TutorialThis project actually started last year when I accidentally broke a pretty blue watering glass globe.  The glass was so pretty that I wanted to repurpose it, so I ended up cutting it in half using the flaming string method  so that I could turn it into a little fairy garden pool.

I decided that I wanted to make a stone ring to line the edge of the pool to highlight it and also to hide the cut edge of the glass.  I hot glued a rock ring together, but it did not hold up well at all (it started falling apart within a few hours, ugh!).  So we went the rest of the summer with an unlined pool that blended into the dirt. Every time that I looked at it I thought how much better it would look had the rock ring held up.

And that brings us to this year and setting up the fairy garden amidst the other springtime flurry of activity around here.  I decided to give the rock ring a go again, but this time I invested in some E6000 adhesive to glue the rocks together.  This glue is recommended for use in jewelry making so it is up to the task of gluing rocks.  The only issue is that it takes 24-72 hours to cure which means that you need to be really careful when setting the rocks because they will slip around.  pool materialsI cut a hole the size of my fairy garden pool in a shallow box and set it down into the box so that I had a solid, flat surface to work with for gluing the rocks, but could see how they were going to sit on the glass.

Make sure to clean the rocks really well before gluing them as dirt will interfere with the bond.  You also need to be in a well ventilated location while using the glue – I worked outside on my patio table.

DIY fairy garden pool

This is a fun, quick project. And the resulting rock lined pool looks adorable in the fairy garden! Have you ever had success gluing rocks?  What did you use?  Have you ever cut glass?  I’m wondering what other methods are successful at cutting glass, because while effective, the burning string method is a bit scary! As I was plunging the hot glass into cold water and hearing it crack I was picturing it exploding in my hands, yikes!

Rock Lined Fairy Garden Pool

Enjoy your new fairy garden pool!

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“Thyme” for the Fairy Garden

Braided Thyme as Trees in a Fairy Garden

Over the weekend I was gifted a bunch of really well rooted thyme.  It was more than enough to put in my herb garden so I decided to use some as beautiful, living accessories for our fairy garden.

Last summer we created a fairy garden in an old, decrepit wheel barrow that was sitting, unused, behind our shed. It was a huge hit with my then 3 year old daughter (and even the older neighbor girls which makes me think that we will keep this tradition going for a long time). My daughter has received several cute accessories for the garden as gifts, but most of what’s in there we have made or scavenged from our yard/flower beds.

fairy garden in a wheel barrow

We have sedum, baby hostas (when they get too big I take them out and find new babies to replace them with), moss, forget me not, and now thyme planted in the fairy garden.  Last year I planted isotoma blue in there too, but it took off like crazy and was hard to keep under control so I took it out this year.  The little glass stepping stones were from a fish tank we had a few years ago.

With all the cute accessories that we already have in the garden I decided to play around with the thyme a little bit to see if I could make it look like little topiaries.  I stripped the leaves off the bottom sections of stems and braided the stems together (several stems on a single root). The result wasn’t exactly what I had originally pictured.  They look more like miniature weeping trees, but I really like them!  I staked them up with small lengths of wire that I clipped off of an unused portion of fencing we had in the shed and some tiny snippets of garden twisty ties.  I hope they survive all the “love” they will receive from the kids!

braided thyme for fairy garden trees

Do you like to garden?  Have you tried miniature gardening?